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IT Contingent Resources

Being technology independent, allows us to provide a consolidated view of all contract hiring within your organization while accessing the best skills at the most competitive price available in the market. Regardless of where your hiring challenges lie, we work with you closely and share our experience and expertise to offer the ideal managed recruitment solution to your contract staffing needs.

At Plexus Digital, we manage your entire contract staffing activity under a single operation. We provide you with a dedicated recruitment team, ensuring all our consultants are inducted and embedded within the culture, processes, and methodologies of your organization. We have the expertise providing end to end Comprehensive solution with capabilities to work with VMS ( Vendor Management Systems ) per SLA.


  • Response time — we are quick to respond to Scale up or down of resources as needed.
  • Quality results — we offer Measurable results based on SLA. Outcomes and Metrics are KPI driven.
  • Knowledge-Driven Expertise - Access highly skilled knowledge and expertise for specific knowledge-driven initiatives
  • Access — We offer On-demand access to professionals and experts
  • Huge Savings: By ensuring your recruitment activity is as economical as possible, we produce typical savings of over 25% of the total cost of ownership of contractor workforces. This saves time as well.
  • Efficiency: By improving efficiencies, we reduce your time-to-hire by up to 50%
  • Support: Once we have found the right people for your project, we follow the details of verification and arranging including arranging visas and work permits, mobilizing the candidates, arranging accommodation etc.
  • Risk Sharing: if the contractor is found to be technically sub-standard or leaves the company with/without notice during the crucial phase of the project. We take the responsibility to replace equal or better candidate free of cost.
  • Ensure consistency: By managing every aspect of the process, we are able to take a holistic approach to your recruitment strategy, ensuring transparency and consistency in all areas of hiring.
  • Compliance Management. We ensure all contractors engaged through the deployed model are working in compliance with the rules and policies of the company, visa norms, and insurance coverage.

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